Buckhead Kitchen

Photography by:

Kara Brennan

Buckhead Kitchen

A Clean & Clever Design

Atlanta’s affluent Buckhead neighborhood is known for its upscale shopping and boutique art galleries. Within one of its high-rise condo buildings, our client invited us to reimagine his kitchen. Our client, a business traveling bachelor, rarely cooked. This created an interesting set of challenges as we considered the functionality of the space. We decided to position the kitchen as a butler’s pantry and use different materials to hide the room’s appliances. The fridge was given a mirrored door, as well as the nearby washer and dryer. A hidden island provided a great space for the kitchen’s cooktop.

Buckhead Kitchen

The room features clean custom cabinetry and crown molding throughout, and we even raised the concrete countertops from 36 to 39 inches to create a height more appropriate for the 6’-5” client. We designed the space with two separate, but connected, backsplashes: a solid, bright orange and a rich chocolate striped in that same orange.

Robert Idol Design

This kitchen is a great example of how Idol Design can work within any floor plan to create a more purposeful space that delivers lasting comfort.