Ladue Living Room

Photography by:

Anne Matheis

Ladue Living Room

A Unified Living Space

Inside this beautiful, ranch-style home in Ladue, Missouri is a 25’ x 25’ living space that was largely unused. A curved staircase to the lower level infringed on valuable floor space, limiting seating arrangements.

Ladue Living Room

The homeowners invited Idol Design to reimagine the space and transform it from a rarely used room into a focal point of their home.

Our work focused on creating three spaces within the larger one. Tucked into the curve of the staircase is a center table, extending the entry area. A large seating area on the east wall helps balance the room while providing ample seating. Toward the entry to the dining room, we placed a banquette providing a relaxing spot for morning coffee or an evening card game.

To complete the vision of a more classic space, we replaced an oversized mantel with a limestone surround, better suited to the room’s scale. Finer details, like art lighting and simple drapery helps to define the new entertaining zones and create a cohesive, relaxed space.